About Us

At 521 Group we believe in exciting consumer engagement at the retail point of purchase. To achieve this we work with our client partners on:

  1. How to blend business objectives with consumer objectives
  2. Maximising your channel strategy
  3. Best in class trade marketing and retail execution
  4. Technology that adds value to consumer and merchant
  5. Optimal data collection and analysis
  6. An effective sales operating model.

The type of partners we work best with are:

  • In markets where their businesses have a “supply to retail” focus.
  • Companies in high technology environments; be it digital, data, or transaction technology,
  • Looking for a tailored approach to ensure successful outcomes,
  • Like a hands on method of research, and expect a detailed level of industry and company understanding,
  • Want an awareness of commercial impact at the heart of any decision,
  • People who are passionate about their work and want partners who are the same.


What’s in a name?

The 521 Group was originally started as a collective of five (5) people working to(2)wards a single(1) goal.

Under its original founder and current MD, Simon Docherty, it retains that single minded purpose, as well as the approach of taking differing ideas, strategies and opinions and working with them towards an achievable goal.