Consumer Engagement

Strategy, whether it relates to consumer engagement or any part of your business, is a concept which is overused, poorly understood, and usually badly communicated. We believe good strategy is defined by 5 guiding principles.

Before starting on the process of creating good strategy its important to spend time facing facts on 2 difficult questions:
  1. Where do you stand at the moment?
  2. What does the world around you look like?

Once this is understood the path to good strategy can be defined by 3 further key questions:

  1. Where do you want to go?
  2. What tools and processes do you need to get there?
  3. How do you measure when you arrive?

Every good business needs a strong strategy, but not every strong business has a good strategy. We believe in strategy that leads to action, and delivers results. We’ll work with you to ensure that happens.






NB: for more on how and why Strategy is important see the “Insights” section on our home page – Is your Strategy really just a plan?